Our Approach



We believe that education is a key ingredient in breaking the poverty cycle.



Working together across the street and across the world to build relationships, skills, and confidence



Providing the tools necessary for individuals to reach their full potential



Introducing: Intern #WontheSwan

    For the past two months, we've had this gem of an intern. It's about time we get to introduce her to you! Presenting... Intern Won the Swan.  :)   Hey there OHA followers! So good to finally meet you. I’m … Read More

Dear 2014, You Were Awesome.

Don't you just love the holiday season and the amazing joy it brings? We are joyful about the coming of Jesus. We find joy in spending time with friends and family. We sing "Joy to the World" by candlelight at church. We cry tears of … Read More


You may have recently seen some pictures on our various social media pages about our vegetable gardens and greenhouses making progress over in Swaziland. But what exactly is the significance of this sustainable farming you’re hearing so … Read More

The “Fun” in Fundraising

In 89 days, me and a group of five others will be saying "Adios" to America, and a big "Hello, AGAIN" to southern Africa. I. Am.  PUMPED! (and terrified, and excited, and nervous, and anxious, and about to lose my mind...) But, … Read More

2013 At A Glance

Wow, let me first start off by saying that this year has been a banner year in the life and times of One Heart Africa!  We are continually blown away by the things that have happened and wanted to do a quick recap so that we can celebrate … Read More

Because We Love Them

If I had a dollar for every time Ryan and I get asked the question, "Why do you go to Africa when we have so many people here who need help?" we would never have to fundraise again.  It is the classic inquiry that we can depend on … Read More